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Vinyl Fence Installation

One of the biggest things that set us apart from other fence installers is our vinyl fence installation method.  

The process starts by driving in steel posts into the ground.  These posts are driven below the frost line for our area which helps in preventing frost heave of footings which would normally push a fence up and out of alignment with the rest of the fence.

Then the vinyl post sleeve is positioned in place over the steel post.

The framing of the bottom rail is done, followed by adding in your pickets.  Once the pickets are installed the top rail is added and secured into place.  

From that point, all that is left to do is to add on your top post caps and you have a finished fence.

Watch the installation process below



Vinyl fencing with Heartland Vinyl gives you so many different options;  

  • Height

  • Color

  • Styles

  • Lighting and other accessories.


Check out our Heartland Vinyl Fence Brochure for all of your options.  

Enough learning, let's get to doing!

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