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Porch Repair & Replacement

Front Porch Contractor

new railing on front steps of a home

Front porches add charm and function to many homes, upping the curb appeal and adding character to both new and old homes alike.  As many homes age, those once grand front porches start to sag, rot, and deteriorate, making them an eyesore and a safety concern.  

Often homeowners find they need to replace porch columns, look for porch railing replacement, or update front porch decking.

Lovewell Fencing & Deck can come in and add that grandeur and beauty back to any front porch!  With low maintenance deck and railing materials, you won't have to worry about sanding, staining, or painting again!  Our design experts can help you choose the right materials and style to fit your home and our installation crews work quickly yet skillfully, to make sure your porch is beautiful but safe and secure too.

What our customers say

A small space with a big impact.  Let us show you what is possible!

Front Porch Repair Options

Replacement Railings

We have great options to repair your old, worn out and tired front porch railings!  Such a small change can have a big impact in terms of both safety for you and your guests, as well as increase your home's curb appeal!

Choose from our lineup of low maintenance railing options!  Vinyl railing, reinforced with aluminum inserts to provide the strength and safety needed.  Aluminum Metal Ultralox railings, a sleek updated design with 3 powder coat professional color finishes that comes with a 15 year warranty.  Or our newest lineup of Aluminum Ultralox Railing with vertical cable rails!  A trendier upgrade that provide better sight lines and adds an industrial look to your space.

View the details on our replacement railing options via our brochures or railing details.

Replace Porch Columns

Your porch posts can either create a striking visual, or be an eyesore!  The style of the porch columns is typically reflective of the style of home.  Large rounded columns are stately and classic. Traditional or farm house style homes often display a traditional look of lathe-turned wood.  Craftsmen homes often use thicker square posts.  And upscale bungalows may feature thick tapered pillars.  

When it comes to replacing or refinishing your front porch posts, you can choose to upgrade your style to whatever you choose!  If the entire structural post needs to be replace, a new post can be installed and designed to fit your ideas.

We can also wrap existing posts.  New home construction often cuts corners in some of the finishes when trying to stay on budget or complete on time.  You may have simple wood 4x4 or 6x6 posts.  That post may be in great condition still, so our team can come in and apply a decorative post wrap to create the protective and polished look that will finish off your home.  


Many homes, especially older homes, colonial, or farm house styles, had a large charming front decks or front porches.  Many would span the width of the home or even feature a classic wrap around porch.  Being covered under a porch overhang, these wooden decks have some protection from the elements but over time are still susceptible wear & tear, sagging and rotting away.  

You can bring new life to your home with our TimberTech AZEK decking - an advanced polymer PVC decking.  No splintering, fading, warping, sagging, or rotting.  Whether its a front porch repair project or a new front porch addition you are looking for, our expert decking crews can help make your front deck ideas a reality!

Front Porch Ideas

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