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Commercial Fencing

With over a combined 45 years of experience, our commercial fence team has the knowledge and expertise to get you the right product for the job.


Lovewell Commercial Fence & Rail provides fence solutions for most of Iowa and Illinois. Whether you are building a new baseball diamond or designing a maximum security correctional facility, Lovewell Commercial Fence & Rail can assist you in every step of the process.  Our crews provide professional installation for quality that lasts.  What can we do for you?

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Commercial Fence Types

Perimeter & Security Fence

Commercial grade chain link fences are used for a variety of businesses.  We have worked with private industries, prisons, airports, military installations, zoos, government projects, schools, utility companies and much more.  Our estimating team can help you decide what style of fence you need as well as any extras - privacy slats, barbed wire, razor wire, etc.

Ball Diamonds & Court Fencing

From elementary schools to minor league ballparks, Lovewell Commercial Fence & Rail is a seasoned pro at ball field fencing and backstops. 

We also supply perimeter fencing for tennis courts and pickleball courts for schools, parks, and private neighborhood associations.

Decorative Metal Fences

Ornamental steel and aluminum fences are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Metal fences come in varying degrees of strength and style options for a wide variety of applications; pools, municipalities, universities, health care facilities, parks, apartment complexes, and much more. 

Construction Fence

We supply temporary chain link fencing for construction projects across Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.  We have movable temporary panels or temporary posts and fabric for jobs small and large.  

Indoor Security Cages

Indoor security cages can be found in commercial and industrial businesses to secure tools, parts and other items. 


Multi-family residences often have indoor security cages to act as additional storage areas for tenants in basements or hallways.  We have several options to provide security and piece of mind.  

Access Control & Automatic Gates​


Secure access to your business with commercial grade gates.  Various slide and swing gate options available.  As well as automated gate operator systems to provide convenience for tenants, employees and delivery drivers onto your property. 

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Lovewell Commercial Fence & Rail 

21060 Holden Drive, Davenport, IA 52806 | Phone: (563) 345-6709 

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