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Lovewell has been fabricating and installing beautiful low maintenance pergolas since 2006.


Our system uses a high quality vinyl, reinforced with aluminum, to create one of the strongest, most durable pergolas available anywhere.  Pergolas with no structural insert or wood inserts tend to warp, sag, and rot over time.  A Heartland Pergola is going to remain a beautiful structure at your home for decades!

Real Shade! Another key factor to our pergola system is the ability to give your space real shade.  Our pergolas have shade purlins that come in 50%, 75% or 90% shade allowing you to choose the shade level to best suit your space.  No adding expensive canopy or sun shades!

Eyebrow Pergolas

Eyebrow pergolas can be known as a few different things; eyebrow pergola, wall pergola, garage pergola, awning pergola, etc. What they are is a decorative element added to you home to give depth, dimension and visual interest to an area of your home.  Most often found above your garage doors, above windows or doors or above a patio/deck space.  

Heartland Pergolas

For those customers in the Lovewell installation area of Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois, we offer full service installation of our pergolas and eyebrow pergolas. However, after rapidly growing in popularity, we also have a sister company devoted entirely to making our pergola kits available to anyone in the Continental United States! If you are interested in having a pergola kit shipped to you, check out Heartland Pergolas for even more information.


Let us help you create the perfect shaded spot in your outdoor space!

More Information

To find out more about our Heartland Pergolas, check out the brochure or visit!

Let's create the backyard oasis you have been longing for!

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