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Copperwood® | A Better Wood Fence

Lovewell Fence & Deck is the exclusive dealer of Copperwood® Fence Products in Quad Cities & Eastern Iowa!

Wood fencing has been a classic standard for a long time.  The natural look of wood, availability, and cost have made this a favorite fence style.  

The downside to wooden fences is that over time, wood can wear and deteriorate from weather.  Installing a cedar fence has been known to help prolong the life of your fence due to it's natural ability to resist rot and insect damage but it comes at a higher cost than other treated wood fence. 

We have adopted Copperwood® Fence into our low maintenance line of of products.  Copperwood® is a pre-treated and pre-stained slow growth pine species.  With Copperwood®, there is no additional staining or painting required. It carries a 15-year warranty and is safe for use around kids, animals and plants!  

Need an estimate now? 

Our online fence quote is available 24/7!  

Both privacy fence styles and wood picket fence options are available to you in varying heights.  

A unique quality to Copperwood® fencing, it starts off with a green/yellow tint at installation, turns a beautiful copper color as it is seasoned outdoors and ages to a natural gray tone.

wood privacy fence in backyard

Wood Fence Installation Process

We use a drive set system for our wood fence installations!  Steel C-Posts are driven into the ground for the strength and framework for your fence.  This keeps your wood posts from rotting out at ground level and prolongs the life of your fence!  

  1. 18-guage steel C-Posts are driven down below the frost line

  2. Specialty steel brackets fasten the wood rails to the steel posts

  3. The picket design selected is attached to the wooden rails

  4. The steel posts are then hidden behind vertical fence pickets

The strength and durability is in the steel posts, but all you see is wood!

What it means for you:

Your wood fence stays straighter and stronger for longer!

Getting Started

  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with our professional sales staff

  2. Meet on-site with decision makers 

  3. Plan your fence design, view project photos, and decide on product selections 

  4. Your salesman will return a proposal to you in 24-72 hours depending on the complexity of the project.

  5. Sign your formal proposal and make a 50% down payment to reserve your slot for installation.

  6. You will be notified one week prior to your installation date.  Lovewell Fence & Deck schedules one week in advance for the most accurate timeframes.

  7. Our professional and highly skilled crews will begin your project.

Less worry, more outdoor enjoyment!

Lovewell Wood Fence Designs

Wood Fence Installation

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