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Aluminum Fence Installation

Ornamental Fencing to Elevate Your Yard

Black metal fences are always a popular choice when you need the security and functionality of a fence but don't want your yard to feel closed off or lose sight lines as you may with a privacy fence. 

Metal fences go all the way back to early colonists who brought their fabrication techniques over with them from England. However the original wrought iron fencing was very costly to create. Only the most wealthy of families could afford the luxury of a 'rod iron fence'.  

Metal fences today still have that air of luxury, however materials and processes have come a long way from the old days,  making ornamental fences much more affordable for the general population.

Our most popular metal fencing is ornamental aluminum fence.  Ornamental Aluminum fencing is lighter than steel or wrought iron yet still offers high strength and great durability.  Our Lovewell ornamental fence has a powder coated black finish.   No rust or maintenance required!

Each aluminum panel is engineered without screws to provide a sleek look and solid connection without bulky brackets!

Our fencing also racks in both directions which makes it a perfect  fit on steep slopes as well as flat runs. 

Lovewell's Ornamental Aluminum Metal Fences also include a Transferrable Limited Lifetime Warranty!

residential black aluminum fence

Timeless Appeal Meets Superior Durability

Lovewell Aluminum Fence Designs

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