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How Much Does A New Deck Cost?

If you have an existing wood deck that is splintering, warping and cracking, you probably already know it’s time for a new deck.  Even some of the older composite decks may not have held up much better than wood with signs now of lifting, chipping or brittle boards.  As you start the search for a new deck, you may be wondering what you are in for, how much it's going to cost and where to even start! 

two tier timbertech azek pvc deck with black railings


Deck Pricing in 2024

Often, a price per square foot can help generate a baseline cost, but there is more to this than throwing out a number.  We don't give out a base square per foot price, not because we want to be mysterious or difficult, but there are so many different factors that go into the pricing of your new deck that it would be a disservice to give you a random per square foot number and have that be completely out of reality once we actually see your space, needs and design.

However we can tell you a little more on how we look at some of the pricing factors that affect your deck project!

Decking Material Options

You can go several routes with your deck in terms of the materials used.  Each decking material will have it's own set of pros and cons.

Wood decks are going to be the least expensive route, at least up front. But keep in mind that the installation cost also comes with added out of pockets costs to maintain a wood deck every year. Power washing, sanding, and staining will require more money and more time. And that is the biggest drawback of installing or replacing with a wood deck; the annual maintenance labor and costs, as well as having to replace it all over again 8-12 years down the road.  

staining a wood deck next to a pool

Composite decking is another material option you can choose and one many people assume as their only other option beyond wood.  Composite decking is a more middle-of-the-road material - made up of wood fibers and often some kind of plastic or additives, it is less maintenance than all wood. And while it will last a bit longer than an all-wood deck, it will still be susceptible to deterioration over time as it does still contain natural fibers.  Another downside we hear often is that composite decking materials are known for having the hottest surface temperatures when hit by direct sunlight. The cost of composite is typically more than wood but less than that of vinyl or pvc decking.

composite deck board deteriorating

At Lovewell Fence & Deck, our mission is always quality, low maintenance products. Which is why we exclusively use Timbertech Advanced PVC decking. Not a composite, these deck boards are made 100% from recycled synthetic pvc - which is what gives them their superior durability. There are many benefits including; fade resistance, low maintenance, durability, realistic texture and appearance. 

The disadvantage here is that it is a higher cost upfront for installation. Probably 2x more than what you may be quoted for an installed wood deck.  But our customers find that the quality of installation, low maintenance and longevity of the materials - far exceeds the upfront cost of doing it right the first time!

timertech advanced pvc deck furnished

Deck Replacement vs Resurfacing Costs

One of the first cost considerations is a full deck replacement vs. resurfacing a deck.  A full deck replacement means removing a deck in its entirety.  Posts, ledger board, flooring, steps, and railings are all removed and disposed of. Your deck project starts from scratch.  It’s essentially a brand-new deck from the ground up!

A resurface can be done at a time when a homeowner wants to replace the flooring with low maintenance deck materials, yet the structure of the deck is all still in good shape, no warping, no rotting, etc.  It wouldn’t make sense to resurface with decking meant to last 50 years, when the structure only had another five years left. This conversation can be expanded upon with you, the homeowner, and our sales staff to determine what is in the best interest of your home and budget.

Once onsite, our professional crews can reassess as well to bring to your attention any areas of concern.  Often a full replacement will be necessary, but we do resurface projects when it makes sense to do so.  Resurfacing your deck vs replacing your deck may save you 10-15% in your overall cost.

Structural Costs

The structure of your deck can play a major role in the final cost of your project.  A deck that sits above a ground level yard will cost less than a deck over a walkout basement as it requires larger posts and additional stairs.  With stair treads starting at $300 per tread, you can see how just the stair portion alone can be significant to your overall price.

How you plan to utilize the deck may factor in as well.  Adding a hot tub or large outdoor kitchen on your deck surface would require additional support for the weight of your outdoor items.   The more footings involved, the more the cost will increase.

deck structural posts and footers

Deck Board Costs

Our pvc decking averages in cost around the upper $40s to low $50s per square foot installed. BUT this has multiple factors as well. 

We offer and inventory several deck colors, each color represents a different level of pricing.  Stocking colors and keeping an inventory allows us to offer the best pricing while making them readily available for installation.  We can special order in specific colors that are not stocked, however special order colors will likely increase the cost of the overall project.  

timbertech advanced pvc decking color samples

The design of the deck boards may also include upgrades such as borders, double borders, ribbon boards or other specialty requests that can all elevate the overall project cost.  Matching posts wraps and deck skirting require more materials and can add another 10-15% onto your deck project as well.

Deck Railing Costs

We offer several options for deck railings: vinyl railings, aluminum railings, and cable railings.  Our base vinyl railings run about $70/linear foot installed with upgraded options running 1.5x to 2x more. So your choices here will also affect the deck price as well.


Removal Costs of an Existing Deck

If you need removal of an existing deck, the added cost may run from a couple hundred dollars to up over $1,000 for the labor and disposal. The size of your deck as well as site access would be the key factor in determining the removal costs. Some homeowners will choose to remove and haul away their old deck on their own to save money, but if you are looking to keep your hands clean and time free, don't forget to factor in removal!


Deck Permit Costs

Every municipality is different in how they handle building permits. Often, the overall cost of the project will determine the cost of the permit based on a calculation done by city officials.  As the homeowner, if a permit is necessary based on your local codes, our staff will provide the required documentation. We would communicate and coordinate the onsite inspections as required per municipality.


 So with all those different factors in mind you can see how it would be necessary for our team to visit your backyard, evaluate your existing space and discuss the options you would like before we can simply provide a “ballpark” price.

deck drawing

It is common for the average deck projects with Lovewell to start around $12k- $14k . A bigger deck with added features may be pushing into the $20,000s and a large, complicated, multi-deck or multi-tiered project into the $30,000 – $40,000 range.

The good news is you don’t have to guess!  Our sales team will come to your home, evaluate your space, listen to your outdoor needs, and communicate all the available options to create a quote for your deck project.  Our estimates are done at no charge to you, and you will receive a breakdown of the project, drawing of the deck design and quote that is typically valid for 30 days. In most cases, your proposal will be sent to you within 48 hours of your meeting if not sooner! 

wrap around timbertech deck

We have specific installation crews dedicated to deck builds – they are highly trained, professional, and have years of experience so that you can be assured your deck design and installation will be correctly and efficiently completed! With 50 years of experience and trust from our customers – Lovewell Fence & Deck is your leader in decks installation throughout the Quad Cities Iowa / Illinois, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids regions. 

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