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Lovewell Fence & Deck Wholesale: The Advantages of Choosing a Dedicated Outdoor Material Building Supplier

A contractor using a saw on a deck installation

As a contractor or home builder working on outdoor projects like fencing and decking, choosing the right materials is vital to getting your job done on time and on budget. While big box home improvement stores like Menards and Lowe's might be the go-to for some, savvy contractors understand the game-changing benefits of opting for a dedicated outdoor material building supplier.

The Pitfalls of Big Box Stores:

Before we explore the advantages of dedicated outdoor material suppliers, let's address the common pitfalls contractors often encounter when relying on big box home improvement stores:

1. Limited Expertise

Big box stores cater to a wide range of customers with diverse needs. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all approach often means that the staff lacks the specialized knowledge required for your specific projects. When dealing with complex outdoor builds, having access to experts can make all the difference.

2. Inconsistent Quality

The expansive inventory of big box stores is a double-edged sword. While it offers a vast selection, the quality of materials can be inconsistent. Contractors may find themselves sifting through options of varying durability and longevity, potentially compromising the integrity of their projects.

3. Product Availability

You may find exactly what you need for your project - the first time, but coming back to a big box store and hoping for the same products to be available or in stock days, weeks, or years for things like repairs, project additions, or even when you realize you forgot a few items, it can become a real headache to track down the same parts.

3. Time-Consuming Processes

Navigating the meandering aisles of a big box store in searching for specific fence or deck materials, can be a time-consuming affair. For contractors, time is money, and every minute spent wandering around and waiting for help is time not spent on the job site.

4. Limited Customization

Outdoor projects often demand unique solutions and specialized materials. Outdoor projects aren’t always done on level ground or in neat squares and rectangles. Big box stores might lack the flexibility to provide tailored options, forcing contractors to compromise on their vision, create their own makeshift customizations, or spend additional time searching for alternatives.


The Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Outdoor Material Building Supplier:


It can be a game-changing benefit to use a dedicated material supplier like Lovewell Fence & Deck Wholesale. So what can you expect from our knowledgeable team?


1. Specialized Expertise

One of the standout advantages of dedicated suppliers like the team at Lovewell, is the presence of knowledgeable and specialized staff. Both Chuck and Ben on our Wholesale team understand the nuances of fencing and decking projects, offer valuable insights and recommendations. Whether you're working on a deck, pergola, or other fence, having access to the professionals who speak your language can streamline the decision-making process.


2. Premium Quality Assurance

A dedicated outdoor material supplier like Lovewell focuses exclusively on providing professional grade materials that we know and trust. This specialization translates into a higher level of quality assurance. Contractors can confidently source materials knowing that they meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring the longevity and durability of their work.


3. Time-Efficient Processes

Time is a precious commodity for contractors, and we understand that. By streamlining the purchasing process and offering efficient services and even delivery options, we can help contractors save valuable time. Instead of getting lost in the aisles of a massive store, we can take your order via phone or email, create material lists from your takeoffs if needed and be ready to load your trailer up for you when you arrive.


4. Tailored Solutions and Customization

Every outdoor project is unique and may have a few challenges to overcome and bring the vision to life. Lovewell Fence & Deck fabricates our products in-house, allowing contractors to tailor materials to fit the project's specific requirements.


5. Bulk Purchasing Benefits

Contractors frequently deal with large-scale projects that require bulk purchasing. Dedicated suppliers often offer competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders. This can significantly impact a project's overall budget, making it a cost-effective choice for contractors looking to maximize their profit margins.


6. Custom Ordering

While being able to offer a wide range of products in-stock is a big draw to using Lovewell Fence & Deck Wholesale, we also have the ability to custom order specialty products as well! Based on the product requested, ordering with Lovewell can generate savings in either the product itself, shipping, OR both! 


7. Knowing your materials will be available

Not only do we offer one of the largest amounts of in-stock items, but knowing you can come back in a year or 5 years and get the same replacement parts or additional materials for a project expansion means you keep your customer happy


8. A Hands-On Showroom

Our showroom is set up for hands-on experience with all of our products.  You can see and feel the difference in materials, colors, sizes and accessories.  With both indoor and outdoor displays, we make it easy to plan your project year round.  It’s not uncommon for a home builder to bring in their clients so they can choose color combinations or pick their materials.


Products Offered via Lovewell Fence & Deck Wholesale

We sell what we trust and install ourselves!

Vinyl Fencing: 

A variety of sizes and styles, vinyl fencing is versatile in applications from picket fencing to privacy fences.  Custom size gates and fabrication can be considered for every order.

Chain Link Fencing: A staple fence material for both residential and commercial properties, we have chain link fencing available in both galvanized and black vinyl coated.  In sizes from 42” high to 8’ high. We fabricate our gates in our welding shop to fit your precise dimensions.

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing: Often sought after for an upgraded look to a backyard fence or pool fence, we have a wide selection of aluminum fencing in stock for your next project.

Vinyl Railings: A low maintenance and affordable option for deck railings, front porch railings, and stair railings.  Our vinyl railings come in different color options to fit your outdoor project needs.

Aluminum Railings:

Elevate your deck or patio project with aluminum railings! Offered in a variety of finishes, styles and options!  Infill cable railings are trendy while our drink rail upgrade offers a functional and stylish look to your outdoor projects.

Pergolas: Aluminum Pergola framework with vinyl exterior creates a robust system for landscape designs that are both functional and beautiful! Every pergola is created by our pergola fabrication team to your specifications with materials that can be further trimmed on-site for a precise and perfect fit around the structures and landscape features you need to work around.

Timbertech Advanced PVC Decking:

Timbertech (Azek) Advanced PVC Decking is a superior decking product.  Known for its longevity, low maintenance and quality over composite decking materials, it’s the material choice for deck replacements and new deck builds. Our line of Timbertech PVC deck boards carries a 30 year warranty! We have several in-stock colors always available as well as a variety of trim pieces, column wraps, etc.  Other colors in Timbertech’s line up are all available for purchase.

While big box home improvement stores have their place, the advantages of choosing Lovewell Fence and Deck as your material building supplier are clear. From specialized expertise to premium quality assurance, we are ready to help you succeed in all your upcoming projects!

Opt for a dedicated supplier that understands your language, supports your vision, and empowers you to build outdoor spaces that meet the level of craftsmanship and dedication you can provide. It's time to elevate your construction game with materials as exceptional as your skills.

Are you ready to discuss buying wholesale materials for your fence, deck or pergola project? Get started with our amazing Wholesale Team today!



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