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Virtual Fence Visualizer

Any time you take on new home improvements, from paint colors to landscaping, you really have to use your imagination to picture how it will all come together.  Something that doesn’t come easy for a lot of people! Wondering if the end product will live up to the vision in your head can make you stress about the whole project.

And unless you are replacing an existing fence, this too happens in outdoor fencing projects as well.  A fence may seem like, well, just a fence…. But there are options to consider; vinyl, wood, ornamental, chain link.  And then there are stylistic choices to be made like colors, picket styles and privacy amounts.  And still yet, what about the height? 

The simple decision to add a fence becomes; What would be most functional for our home? What style works with our landscape? What features are important with kids and dogs? How will it look in the end?

You can look around and see different styles at your neighbor’s homes, but it’s still not quite the same as seeing your fence, in your yard, with your house.

Well, what if we could put your fence, in your yard – long before we ever put a fence in your yard?  If that sounds confusing let me show you how this works. I present to you, Lovewell's virtual fence visualizer.


Much like interior paint companies allow you to test a paint color on your walls at home via apps or online virtual pages, Lovewell Fence and Deck can test out a fence style in your yard with the help of some technology!  Using augmented technology while visiting your space, we can actually SHOW you different sizes, styles and designs of fences in your own yard.  And the views of that fence both in your yard looking out and what your neighbors see outside looking in. 


That means if you were fretting over whether a 5’ privacy fence is big enough or if you need to go 6’ – you can see it first.

If you were struggling from going with a standard white to an upgraded vintage vinyl color series, you can see it first. 

If you were unsure if there was much of a difference between galvanized and black vinyl coated chain link, you can see it first.


ipad with virtual fence visualizer showing a black aluminum fence in the backyard of a house

And if only one of you are home for your appointment with our sales team, we can take photos of the augmented fence in your yard for you to share with your spouse or partner so you can make the decision together. 


What does it cost to use this technology for your fence quote – nothing!  A free in-home fence estimate means you meet with our sales team to measure your yard, discuss your needs and then go over your options, including our fence visualizing software - all at no charge. 


Make the call to get a fence estimate for your home from any of our locations in the Quad Cities, Iowa City or Cedar Rapids.  Our fence experts can help you plan the best option and let you see for yourself what is possible!


In the Quad Cities and surrounding areas, call – 563-391-7025

In Iowa City or Cedar Rapids areas, call – 319-351-9996


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