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Design Meets Function

In the world of commercial properties, dumpster and utility enclosures are a necessary evil. I say evil because it's can be tough to make an enclosure that will meet the abuse, wear and tear they receive, while not being an eye sore. They are often unsightly cinder block enclosures, industrial looking chain link, expensive heavy steel louvered gate systems or vinyl panel systems that take on heavy abuses by the trash companies.

They don't always meet the demands of design to match the facilities they belong to. While we do various types of enclosures and gate systems for these utility pads and dumpsters, it's always nice to be able to add a new product that can fill a new niche and FenceTrac has been that new product for us.

A steel system with specialty designed U frame allows for customization of infill materials - wood planks, vinyl planks, or other specialty in fill. The available infill options and the ability to insert the infill planks both vertically or horizontally make this such a versatile product to better match your commercial property.

One of our local medical offices had just built a new office and a lot went into the design and style of the building. They knew they wanted something to match the overall look of the new office space which was built with cedar accents. Our Fencetrac system was a perfect fit for them. The black aluminum frame was filled with horizontal cedar boards. It will look great for years to come.

We have been installing these types of enclosures at apartment complexes, restaurants and a variety of commercial office spaces. Our sales team can work on a design to best fit your needs and our expert crews get them installed quickly!

If you are considering options, give us a call and we can help you meet those design needs!


The Details

  • Photos 1-3: FencTrac system with standard black rails, welded swing gates and horizontal cedar board infill.

  • Photos 4-5: FenceTrac system with standard black rails, welded swing gates and horizontal vinyl infill panels in Chestnut Brown

Need some ideas for your dumpster or enclosure project? Contact our commercial office at 563-345-6709 or


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