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An Employee Owned Company

Lovewell Fence & Deck ESOP

Youtube video link for Lovewell Fence and Deck ESOP video

Lovewell started off as a family owned business in Eastern Iowa and has been running that way for over 45 years!  Three generations, all with the goal of quality outdoor products and expert installation has paved the way for decades of success and growth.  

In 2023, Lovewell Fence & Deck made the move to become an Employee Share Ownership Program Company - or ESOP for short!  At it's simplest definition, an ESOP is an employee stock ownership plan that enables the employees to own the company that they work for!  With the skilled and quality team at Lovewell Fence & Deck, the ESOP facilitates higher productivity, employee retention, and higher job satisfaction.  It's a win for our customers who get a highly skilled team dedicated to workmanship and satisfaction.  It's also a win for employees who continue to increase their benefits with the expanding success of Lovewell Fence & Deck.

This is an exciting step for our company! 

Be apart of something you can be proud of!

Life At Lovewell

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